On July 1, 2021, PWR became a division of RESPEC Company LLC. The PWR/RESPEC partnership brings together two companies with extensive experience around all elements of strategic water resource management. As a provider of integrated technology solutions, RESPEC with PWR provides the opportunity to expand the delivery of real-time solutions to the water resource market.

About Us

Progressive Water Resources (PWR) is a water resource consulting firm with extensive knowledge and experience in multiple aspects of ground and surface water resource development and management. PWR senior staff includes registered Professional Geologists and Engineers, with each having over 25 years of technical experience. PWR provides a broad array of technical, scientific, and regulatory support services to assist our clients in all of their water resource needs, including water supply development, watershed and stormwater management, regulatory permitting and compliance, water conservation, and strategic water resource planning.
Our highly qualified staff is thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable in the fields of applied hydrogeology, engineering, surface water hydrology, water resource regulations, groundwater and surface water flow modeling, and integrated water resource applications. PWR believes that collaboration is essential, and we are accustomed to leading or being active participants in multi-disciplinary teams with other water managers, engineers, utility managers, architects, planners, attorneys, biologists, water chemists, and community designers. PWR has offices in both Sarasota and Brooksville, Florida.

Clients Include:

  • Muncipalities
  • Counties
  • Water Supply Authorities
  • Community Developers
  • Community Improvement Districts
  • Community Development Districts
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Water Parks and Attractions
  • Landowners
  • Engineering and Environmental Firms
  • Attorneys
  • Agriculturalists
  • Planners
  • Golf Course Managers
  • Industrial / Commercial Operations
  • Water Management Districts

For more information, please call us at (941) 552-5657